The year 2020 that just passed through is a hard year for many of us. No dating, no parties, no traveling, and so on.

Because of the pandemic, how soon haven't you had a party with your friends? And when is the last time you visit your girlfriend in other cities or countries? Yes, that's a problem that many people come across. It becomes difficult even you want to enjoy high-quality sex.

But if you have a realistic sex doll, of course, all the problems mentioned above don’t exist at all. Even you are quarantined at home, your life is not affected. You can communicate with your love doll, have sex with her, or even cosplay her in any roles you like. More and more people have realized how wonderful to have a sex doll, no matter they are singles or couples.

For the people who would like to buy lifelike sex dolls but don’t have a big budget, here we have some proposals to show you the best affordable real sex dolls under USD1000 in the year 2021.

Shannon—Big Boobs Torso Sex Doll

Shannon is a beautiful Asian girl with big breasts. Her skin is very soft and silky, feels like a real young girl. She offers you oral, vaginal and anal sex, providing you an amazing sexual experience every time.

Ruth—Tan Skin Large Breasts Torso Love Doll

Ruth is a sexy girl from the U.S. She looks so charming and sexy. You can’t resist her seductive charm when you see her at the first sight. What’s more, she always has great performance in bed.

90CM Lifelike Sex Doll Legs

If you prefer girls’ legs to bodies, the realistic sex doll legs are the ideal choice for you. The 90cm long legs are very sexy and attractive. You can lay her underneath or pose her in front of you, they are flexible to pose in many positions you like.

Dilys—Flat Chest Mini Sex Doll

Dilys is a cute full-sized flat chest young girl. She is made of high-quality TPE material, very healthy to use. If you like lightweight and easy to handle sex dolls, she is a popular option for you. You can enjoy various sexual positions with her.

Rita—Huge Boobs Mini Sex Doll

If you are searching for a mini sex doll with huge breasts, Rita is the right girl!

You can explore breast intercourse with her besides the ordinary vaginal sex. Do not hesitate, Rita is a popular young girl that many men love.

Elena—Flat Chested Small Young Sex Doll

Elena is a young sex doll with flat breasts. Many men love girls with small chests. At the same time, the small young sex doll is easy to handle no matter when you are using her or you clean her after the usage. You will fall in love with her when you see Elena the first time then love her more after you stay with her.

Of course, there are more choices in our store. You can search for other possibilities on our website.