Washing and cleaning your sex doll will not take you much time if you have the right tools and master all the processes. Here are some guidelines and tools we recommend to use to keep your dolls fresh and hygienic.


How often should I clean my sex doll?

1. We recommend to clean your doll before you first use it;

2. Please wash your doll thoroughly at least every 30 days;

3. Clean your doll’s vagina, oral and anus orifices as well as the dirty parts after every single use.


Right tools to wash your love doll:

  •         Comb
  •         Mild liquid soap or antibacterial soap
  •         Water
  •         Vaginal irrigator
  •         Soft cloth (ideally microfiber) or sponge
  •         Dry soft towel or chamois cloth
  •         Powder (corn starch or baby powder)
  •         Baby oil
  •         Vaseline

Dolls can be easily washed down in the shower or the bath. Just follow below guidelines when you clean them.

1. Remove doll’s wig and wash it separately

2. Remove the vagina insert if it applicable. The insert can be washed in anti-bacterial warm soapy water and allowed to air dry thoroughly.

3. Please use warm water NOT hot water to clean your love doll as hot water may damage your doll.

4. Lay your doll on towels on a bed and apply mild liquid soap to massage doll’s skin with your hands. Then wipe down with soft cloth or sponge.

5. It’s ok to sit your doll in water or shower with her. Please always use a towel to prevent her from sitting on the floor or bathtub directly in case there are any scratches.

6. Never submerge or spray water over the doll’s head as the metal parts in the head may be damaged. We suggest removing the head from the body before you have a shower with dolls.

7. Wet dolls are slippery, please take care when you hold your dolls.

8. Lie your dolls on towels on a bed or bench to towel dry her, never use a hairdryer to blow your sex doll dry. You can try spreading the legs and using a small fan to speed up drying

9. After your doll is completely dried, apply some baby powder all over the body then some baby oil (not too much) to massage the full body. It takes some time to absorb oil, so you’ll need to leave it for a few hours.

10. To provide the best treatment to your dolls, we recommend to apply Vaseline to orifices and weighed and joint areas like boobs, butt crack, elbows and so on.

11. We suggest to oil your sex doll every month even you don’t use her.


How To Clean Sex Doll’s Orifices?

Compared to wash the surface of sex dolls, it’s a little more challenging to clean orifices (vagina, anus and mouth). But with our instructions, you will find it’s easy to clean it.

Vagina, anus and mouth are the orifices that you get the most intimate contact with your doll. Damp and dark deep holes can breed bacteria which is a big threat to the partner’s health. And the bacteria will damage the doll structure as well then shorten the longevity of the doll.

We strongly suggest cleaning the doll’s orifices immediately after having sex with your love doll.

And below are some tips and tools for you to clean doll’s cavities easily:

1. Use vaginal irrigator: It’s one of the best tools to clean your doll’s orifices. And it’s quite easy to operate. Just fill it with soap and water, insert it to doll’s cavities and squeeze it and flush your doll’s orifices. For the best effect, we suggest you use it shortly after sex.

2. Use luffa on a stick: After you use vaginal irrigator to flush the inside of your doll, you can also use the luffa on a stick to scrub the inside of your doll then flush one more time to clear her out. Please purchase soft luffa as if it is too rough, it may damage the doll.

3. Use a handheld showerhead. Please make sure the water pressure is high and set the showerhead to a stream so that the water can enter into the orifices. Always remember not to use hot water to clean your doll.

4. Use a squirt water bottle. Normally you’ll receive a squirt water bottle with your doll purchase. If not, any bottle with a squirt mouth can be used as an alternative for a vaginal irrigator to clean the insides of your doll.