We've compiled a list of questions we frequently get asked and provided the answers below. These will help you a lot to know more about sex dolls and SexLoveDolls. Feel free to contact us by email or live chat if you don’t find your questions in the list.

Q: TPE Sex Dolls or Silicone Sex Dolls, which one is better?
A: TPE and Silicone are the main two high quality sex doll materials in the market. Each material has their pros and cons. Silicone is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE as the most realistic. Check TPE sex dolls and Silicone Sex Dolls to learn more then make a final decision. We have both sex dolls for your selection.

Q: Will my sex doll look the same as in the pictures? 
A: Yes, depending on the customization options you select. The doll you receive will be the same as the doll pictured in the product photos.  Some things to note, the product photos were taken using professional lighting and photography, also the clothes are not included. Your doll will come with a light pink dress.

Q: Do the sex dolls come with the outfits shown in the photos?
A: The clothes and accessories in the photos are not included, they are used for photo shoots only.  However we do include a small garment in each order, this is usually a light pink dress.

Q: What is the difference between the removable vagina and the built-in/fixed vagina? 
A: The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman. The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.  
Which is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace.  If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop-out and clean after use you should consider the removable vagina. 

Q: Can I warm up my doll? How?
A: Some of our dolls have body heating feature. However, please be reminded that the system is still at a very beginning stage and it’s not perfect.

All the dolls come with the vaginal heating rod that can be used for ensuring the vaginal temperature is to a level that you can enjoy natural feeling and safe using.

Alternatively, use an electric blanket to wrap your doll up, it will take a few minutes to warm them up. Please do not leave your doll in the blanket for too long to avoid damage to her skin. TPE is very sensitive to 50°C or 122°F and above.

Q: Can I use my doll or doll accessory without lubricant?
A: We highly recommend lubriant during your usage. They are made of TPE or silicone. Without lubricant, it will bring huge friction and it’s likely to tear their private part off.
Please only use water based lube to prevent any damage to the doll.

Q: How long will a sex doll last? 
A: TPE and Silicone sex dolls can last for years if you use and care them in the right way. 
A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll.
Click here now to know Sex Doll Care.

Q: What’s the best way to store a sex doll? 
A: The best way to store your sex doll is vertically, preferably hanging from something, perhaps in your closet.  Each of our sex dolls comes with a storage kit that will allow you to hang your sex doll for easy storage.  By hanging your sex doll in a cool, dark place she will be safe from damage.  There are other storage solutions as well if hanging isn’t a possibility.  Placing your doll in a sitting position, or lying on her back are both popular storage positions as well, just make sure she is not wearing any tight clothing or dark color fabrics for a long period of time. Dark color fabric may stain the doll’s skin after prolonged exposure. 
Q: How soon can I receive my doll after I place order?
A: The doll production lead time is 4-7 working days. Then it takes 5-10 workings for shipping, depending on region. This is an approximate time, it may differ. Please understand that the shipping time is out of our control, some of the countries local custom might also be taking a long time to release a shipment. We cannot absolutely guarantee the sex doll delivery time, but if you have a special request, please let us know and we will try our best to meet your requirement.

Q: Is shipping free? And Do I need to handle the customs procedures?
A: Yes, we provide free worldwide shipping for orders over $100, no extra cost.
No, our shipping agent will handle the customs issue and it’s hassle free for you.
But the customs of some countries may charge import tax, this is buyer’s responsibility.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: Yes, of course. You can cancel your order within 24 hours of the order confirmation.
Please email us at [email protected] with your order number for the cancellation.

After 24 hours, it is no longer possible to get a full refund as the materials and labor are already spent on your order.