When people talk about sex dolls, they usually think of a woman's body. Yes, since ancient times, men have been getting it on with synthetic women. These dolls have almost exclusively been enjoyed by men. While it’s true that female sex dolls are the most popular, dolls in other genders are also available and growing in popularity.

It’s possible to find both male sex dolls and in-between shemale sex dolls. Male dolls are usually anatomically correct. It is fully featured. Actually, he has a penis and it is fully flexible in any way, shape or form. Like female sex dolls, the male sex doll also comes in different sizes and weights.

In order to make the male sex dolls to be as realistic as possible, their weight is comparable to that of a man of the same height and build. To be honest, these are a little bit too heavy for a woman to handle them. This is absolutely one of the reasons that male sex dolls are not as popular as female sex dolls.

Men are always visually stimulated while women are more into personality. Therefore, the men would want a perfect female sex doll body and the women wouldn't. Don't like female sex dolls, male sex dolls have finish options. It creates a more rugged appearance. Many of them have freckles, scars, and birthmarks. All of these are really personal imperfections, which makes the doll more real and people really want that realism. 

According to the statics, the inkling that women really do want male dolls have been aware, and this is a burgeoning market. We found that a lot of women love their silicone boyfriends. They are just not really willing to unveil their faces to the public yet.

A woman named Karley Sciortino is a sex expert for VICE. She owns a male sex doll and has tried to have sex with a male sex doll. When she saw her male doll at first sight, she was freaked out as the doll feels incredibly life-like especially for his bionic penis. She liked having sex with the doll. "It feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person except that I'm completely in control. It’s its own singular unique thing,” she says.

More and more women want male sex dolls now. women have been brought up to believe a thing about their sexuality that it’s not supposed to be important, that it’s only supposed to be about procreating.

At SLdolls, we will add more male sex dolls to our product categories. Please keep following with us for more updates.