After you decide what materials you want to go for love dolls, the second factor which affects price is the height of sex dolls.

Now the advanced technology allows sex dolls to be formed in any heights. So the height of sex dolls ranges from dozens of centimeters to 170+ centimeters. Based on the same material and delicacy, the tall the doll is, the high the price is.

Petite sex dolls are cheap, several hundred US dollars. What's more, they are lightweight, easy for you to move, lift and clean them. Because of the small sizes, they are also easy for storage. Even they are small, their quality and lifelikeness doesn’t compromise at all. The little dolls are well constructed by durable metal skeleton and high-quality TPE material. Their skin is super soft, their joints are flexible enough and their body is with life-sized anal, oral and vaginal orifices for you to enjoy sex pleasure as big dolls. If you are a new hand with a limited budget, start with mini sex dolls. But we also have a kind reminder that you will not have many choices to find clothes for small sex dolls.

Many people still prefer medium or life-sized sex dolls as they look like real women. But with the height, the weight will follow. Big sex dolls are heavier and more expensive. The price of adult-sized sex dolls are $1000+, some are even more than $2000, depending on the specifications.

When you choose a doll, if you think how big a sex doll is for you, you need to ask yourself three questions: what is your budget? How would you like to store the sex doll? And how is your physical strength? Then you will have a clear answer for yourself.
Actually all things have their cons and pros, you can fully consider the above factors before buying a sex doll. Choose a sex doll which is suitable for you. But there is no doubt that no matter petite sex dolls or tall sex dolls, both of them will offer you an amazing sex experience. You can explore all kinds of sex fantasies with them.

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